“Strung” (2014)

Upon release from prison a father is pushed to his physical and psychological limits, forced by a menacing figure from his past to execute a multilayered crime spree to save his estranged family.

STRUNG is an emotionally-charged, hyperkinetic crime thriller set in a neo-noir San Francisco underbelly.

Vincent Cappelli is a regular guy with nothing but good intentions.  A talented tattoo artist by day, he moonlights as an underground MMA fighter to help earn the extra cash needed to pay for an engagement ring.  But on the night he plans to propose to his pregnant girlfriend Norah, in attempting to protect her while she’s helplessly cornered in a scuffle, he accidentally kills a man outside of a pub.  Given his level of martial arts training, he winds up convicted of voluntary manslaughter and is sentenced to eleven years in state prison. Distraught and ashamed, he cuts off all communication, with everyone...

Eight years later, upon release, he attempts to repair the past and make a fresh start -- but instead finds himself set up for a brutal murder, and that Norah and his estranged young daughter have been abducted by a mentally unhinged figure from his past.  In order to secure their safe release, Vincent must participate in a high-stakes, multilayered game of revenge that has been strategically set up by this menacing "puppeteer."  In a race against the clock, he's forced to carry out a violent crime spree throughout the city as a one-man army, where he must survive a dodgy world filled with dangerous drug dealers, dirty undercover narcs, a crooked politician-crime lord, and a much sought-after briefcase of cash that winds up in his possession.

Meanwhile, he must continue to elude two seasoned SFPD homicide inspectors hot on his trail. But as they quickly close in, Vincent soon learns that not everything is as it seems

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Writers:    Davin Affrunti and Austin Anderson

Director:    Austin Anderson

Genre:    Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

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